You Lefties Are Right About The Movie 300


Persian Soldier & Veteran of the Battle of Thermopylae

Greetings 21st Century folks. Like the intro says I'm an actual witness to the events of the battle of Thermopylae, and I have to say that I am shocked and disgusted by the movie 300 and it's appalling portrayal of the Spartan defenders as somehow heroic.

Sure they held off an army that outnumbered them thousands to one and stood their ground to the last man to protect the fledgling democracies of ancient Greece, but does anyone think of what they were really like.

That's right, those 300 Spartans were RACIST.

They were seriously dishing out big heaping spoonfuls of bigotry and oppression as a side-dish to the whoop-ass during that fateful battle.

All we Pe
rsians wanted to do was express our culture, one that had just as much merit as theirs.

Of course our culture's central tenet is to conquer all the world and force it to give up their independence, democracy, concept of individual rights and to kneel down and worship our god-king.

What's wrong with that?

But those damn pigheaded racist Spartans stood in our way.

They came out of that narrow pass howling like madmen, and slashing their way through out ranks like a pack of lunatic lawnmowers, simply because we were different and wanted to burn their cities, enslave their people, and crush their spirit.

That's why I have to say that you left-wingers have the right attitude about this atrocity of a movie. There are things people in Western cultures shouldn't be doing, like defending themselves, or honoring those who defend themselves, and you know it.

Down with Sparta!

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