Eason's Fable may have ended, but the fight should go on.

CNN Bigwig Eason Jordan filed his resignation last night, no doubt to take advantage of the slow coverage during the weekend, and the bloggers who challenged him are crowing another victory.  Placing his well coiffed head on a pike next to the severed noggins of the careers of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes.
It's all well and good that someone who makes baseless and slanderous accusations against America's bravest is no longer in charge of a major international news outlet, but the fight isn't over yet.
I want to see that tape of his appearance in Davos.
I want his accusations not only put out for the general public to see, I want them investigated and proven ludicrous and insulting.  I see no logical reason for the US Military to deliberately target journalists, but there are those who will believe Eason's Fable.  We have to face these people with facts, and evidence, something Eason didn't have. 
The only way to end his slander is bring the charges out into the light of day, and expose the truth.
Then we can claim a real victory for the blogosphere.
Vive Le Resistance!

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