Sex & the Single Interrogator.

There's been a lot of filthy, dirty, sexy talk going on, and it's not about the Super Bowl Half-Time show.  It's actually about Guantanamo Bay.  Apparently the US military is using female interrogators dressed in tight T-shirts and sometimes short skirts to use the average Islamofascist's own vast sexual hang-ups against them.
And the Left thinks this is torture.
Let me explain 2 simple facts about torture to you folks out their in Blogoland.
1.  Getting beaten, whipped, or having an electrical charge shot up your nether regions is torture.
2. Having a new memory to put in your fantasy file for those lonely nights when your cellmate, Achmed, isn't in the mood, is not torture.
I can imagine some of the conversations about this new tactic floating around Gitmo.
OFFICER: Any new information Lieutenant?
FEMALE LT.: No new info sir, but he did tuck a twenty in my waistband.
AFGHAN PRISONER:  You will not make me talk with your tight T-shirts and short skirts!  I will not surrender... though if that red-headed Navy Lieutenant were to come tomorrow dressed as Nanette the Naughty French Maid... well, now that my break my spirit.
I think the Left's view of the issue of what's torture and what isn't can be described this way.
If it's done by Americans, it must be torture.
It it's done by anyone else, 'it's an honest expression of their culture.'
I think it's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

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