People of Iraq Give Insurgents the Proverbial Finger!

Thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis had their first taste of real democracy this past Sunday, and I get the feeling that they found it pretty sweet.
Despite threats of mass murder from Convicted Rapist/Al-Qaida Uberthug/Leftist Hero Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, at least 60% and as much as 72% of eligible voters cast their ballot for the party of choice.  Since there are so many political parties to choose from there won't be a clearly dominant winner once the ballots are counted, so there will most likely be a coalition between the secular Shia party endorsed by Grand Ayatollah Sistani, Interim PM Allawi's people, and one or more of the mainstream Kurdish political parties.
Which is probably for the best, it'll show them that negotiation and consensus may be frustrating, but goes down easier than another ethnic dominated dictatorship.  And it looks like the Iraqi people are buying into that particular dream as well. 
Proud voters were seen marching home from the polling stations, holding their purple dyed fingers aloft.  Pointing skyward in a sign of both optimism for their nation's future and defiance of the thugs who seek to drag them into a new dark age.
It was a magical moment.
Now you'd think that the political left and their puppets in the Democratic Party would be happy for the Iraqis.
Well, they're not.
In fact, the left has reacted to this groundbreaking moment with either sullen silence, or they've attacked the election's legitimacy betraying not only their own values, but exposing a sympathy for the Islamofascist thugocracy.
For shame.
(hat tip Galley Slaves)
Now talk amongst yourselves...

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