I love the smell of cedar in the morning...

...It smells like...freedom!
Too bad Bashar Assad of Syria doesn't share our appreciation. 
Great things are happening in Lebanon, former enemies are uniting, not only against a common enemy, but afor a common dream.  That dream is of a country where its ethnically diverse population can live together in peace, democracy and prosperity.
What inspired this dream?
Could it have been the screaming hordes of so-called 'peace' protesters and suburbanite anarchist who ranted and raved between trips in their SUVs to the closest Starbucks for a soy-latte binge to save the endangered species known in latin as the Dictatorus Kleptomanicus Sadisticus?
Were they inspired by the dedication to truth and democracy shown by the Western MSM, a dedication unseen since the days of Goebbels?
Were they encouraged by pundits and academics who repeatedly told them that they were just not white enough for real freedom?
Could they have been brought to this point by Democratic politicians whose idea of contributing to the war for freedom is having an ex-KKK cross burner compare the people fighting the war to Adolph Hitler, or having their newly crowned chairman declare that he 'hates' the 'evil' people who made their movement possible?
It looks like they were inspired by none other than George W. Bush, and it's killing the left to admit this.  Druze leader and former devout anti-American Walid Jumblatt said it best.  He said that when he saw that America was determined to make a post-Saddam Iraq work as a multi-party-multi-ethnic state, and the courage of the common Iraqi voter, he knew that the 'Arab equivalent of the Berlin Wall had fallen' and that freedom really was on the march.  And he wanted a piece of that freedom for his people, and all the other people of Lebanon.
Now the Lebanonese government has fallen peacefully, and Syrian dissidents are taking this opportunity to move for their own liberty.
I wish them all good luck, and hope they never give up.
Now if only the left will admit that this is a good thing.
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MoveOn gets Hawked in this deliciously wicked satire.  Too cool for school.

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Anonymous said...

Jumblatt is playing politics. The Druze are an ethnic minority and all of a sudden he is at the forefront of the political stage. I am of Lebanese descent and I think it is funny how conservatives are now using this as propaganda when they really don't understand the history of the region at all. The Lebanese have wanted Syria out for a decade. Hariri was like the Walt Disney of Lebanon. The fact that he was killed is what has galvanized the people. Bush gets to take all the credit when really he hasn't invested a dime or any manpower in Lebanon.