The Oscars... The Day After...

I admit it. 
Although I'm a huge movie fan, I just couldn't stay up for the entire Oscar ceremony.  I did catch a good chunk of it, and I have to say, I'm ambivalent at best about the whole damn thing.
CHRIS ROCK:  Good comedian, but he was a weak host.  He was hired to make the show 'edgy' and 'hip' but failed.  His sharp jabs at Hollywood were a tad mean spirited for what was supposed be a 'good time had by all.'  His political jokes seemed dated, limp, and only revealed his complete ignorance of the political situation outside of Malibu.  It was like they were tossed in at the last minute when he realized that he was practically at a John Kerry rally.  I could have sworn I heard the whole 'Bush Job Interview' bit before, except involving McDonald's and Burger King, told by another comedian during the election.  The position of Oscar Host requires charm, grace, and a quick wit.  All things Chris Rock lacks when he can't use the word 'motherfucker' like punctuation.
PRESENTATION:  If you can't your face on the cover of People Magazine then you might as well not show up.  If the Academy had its druthers they'd dump everything but the acting categories.  Anyone else in the technical or off-camera fields were either tossed their award in the audience, or herded on stage like like the finalists in the 'Prize Pig Pageant.' You have to give them a prize, but you gotta get them out of the theatre before they start shitting on the stage.
All in all, it was a pretty dismal and mean spirited awards show.
Better luck next year.

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