Hold the Danish Part Deux

Yet Another Guest Commentary by

Ayman Al Zawahiri

Boy oh boy, this whole Danish cartoon thing is certainly getting big. Everywhere in the world people are demonstrating that Islam truly is the religion of peace, like these Muslim protesters in London found at Michelle Malkin's blog.

It takes really special people to live with all the freedoms and conveniences of life in the Western World and then start demanding its destruction and the enslavement or deaths of its people over something as trivial as a cartoon in an obscure Danish newspaper.

It warms the cockles of my little flint heart.

In fact I think it's actually kind of funny. Right now Hollywood is scared to do a movie featuring Muslim terrorists for fear of 'stereotyping' us as a pack of bloodthirsty maniacs drunk on religion who respond to trivial matters with violence and calls for vengeance, and here are Muslims around the world acting just like that.

Maybe we'll be able to get a major studio to distribute that crazy Turkish movie that stars Billy Zane as an American soldier that massacres an Iraqi wedding and Gary Busey as a Jewish surgeon who then harvests their organs for Israel. Sure Gays are all the rage for the Oscars this year, but next year it will anti-Semitic Jihadist propanganda.

Then again....

These sorts of events make me think.

When I look at those photos and see the black hatred and rage in the eyes of those people over something that anyone else would have ignored or cancelled their subscription...


It makes me wonder...

Maybe all this hatred and violence is why Islamic people are so unpopular in the world?

Nah, they hate us because they're jealous of our cool beards.

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