Uncle Vox Needs Your Help!

The two or three angry loners who regularly read the spewings and rantings on this blog are probably familiar with my court ordered attempts at helping people called "Ask Uncle Vox."

Well the judge found out that I was making up those letters asking for my advice and he decided to play 'Mr. Obey the Law' and I have to start all over again if I wish to avoid jail and possible libel actions.I need you folks out in cyberspace to leave questions about problems in my sassback box that I can offer my own unique brand of advice on.

So get to it... NOW!

I'm too good looking for jail!


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

If I taser a hippy and he accidentally gets lit on fire, will my wife still let me buy a new gun for my blogiversary?

Anonymous said...

I think jails need good looking people!

Damian G. said...

Why do you never put up my comments?

Comment moderation implies that you will eventually approve them, not allow them to languish in your inbox for God knows how long.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...


(Technically, that is a question.)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

If I remove 3/4's of my brain, could I too be a bigshot Hollyweird star?