The Benefits of Bennish

There's been a lot of talk about Colorado Geography teacher Jay Bennish and his being recorded by a student comparing President Bush to Adolph Hitler. Well, I have the transcript to another recording of Mr. Bennish in action.

BENNISH: Aaaaarrggghhh! Bush is Hitler! Bush is Hitler! America must be destroyed! Aaaaarrrrggghhh!

STUDENT: Mr. Bennish.

BENNISH: What is it?

STUDENT: What does President Bush being Hitler have to do with the formation of the Amazon River Delta?

BENNISH: What kind of a student asks questions like that? Did Dick Cheney's crypto-fascist storm-troopers send you? DID THEY!?!

STUDENT: No sir.

BENNISH: Then sit still and shut up. America must be destroyed because it's the cause of all the death and misery in the world.

STUDENT: Even the 40 million killed by Stalin, the 60 million killed by Mao, and the hundreds of deaths caused by Che Guevera, who happens to be on your T-Shirt?

BENNISH: You are so flunked you nasty little RethugliKKKan bastard!

VOX: That man should be fired from his position as a teacher and put where he belongs. As anchor of the CBS Evening News.

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