Hi folks, it's me Ned Lamont, lefty-blogger candidate of choice for Senator from Connecticut.

I'm here to make a final pitch for your vote and to tell you just how evil that Joe Leiberman is.

First, Joe Lieberman made a stand to support the action to bring democracy to Iraq, and he's standing by it.

That shows a level of integrity, courage, and testicular fortitude that just doesn't belong in the Democratic Party.

How dare he show courage and patriotism while his country is at war with a violent fascist enemy that has no problem with killing women, children and anyone else that falls under their perpetually outraged wrath?

Now is not the time for courage or patriotism in the face of a violent and cruel enemy. It is a time for appeasement, dissent, vacillation, slandering your own country as well as its democratic allies, and badmouthing big businesses like Wal-Mart, while simultaneously profiting from the practises you claim to condemn, I think that's called hypocrisy, but I'll have to look it up.

And it's also a time for a vigorous McCarthy like purge of all who don't blindly hate Republicans and everything they stand for. They must be cast out if we are to achieve our goal of a politically crippled & militarily neutered America.

So feel free to engage in the sort of racist hate-mongering featured in this picture, and be sure to push that whole Lieberman is Jewish angle,

I'll naturally deny any knowledge or involvement, but that shouldn't be taken as a sign to stop.

So if you want to take a stand against integrity, courage, patriotism, and rock solid liberal Democratic values, vote for me, and be sure to vote often.

Thank you.

This message was paid for by the Rich Left-Wingers & Moonbat Bloggers United For Ned Lamont Association of Hollywood California/Greenwich Connecticut.

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