The 60 Minutes Memo Debacle... One Paranoid's Opinion

You'd have to be living in a cave to have missed the brouhaha about the 'Lost Dubya National Guard Memos' presented by Dan Rather on venerable TV newsmag 60 MINUTES.
Now most evidence is pointing that these documents were forgeries. Something Dan Rather is fighting tooth and nail from admitting, because if they are fakes, then he'll have to fess up as to where he got them.
And word on the street says that Rather got the controversial documents from researchers working for the Kerry Campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
Folks in the DNC are both denying this, and claiming that they were victims of an elaborate hoax, masterminded by the Mephistopheles of the Republican Party: Karl Rove.
Now they think that accusing Karl Rove of making the fakes will make him and his master Dubya look bad. They're wrong.
If it is true, & they were taken on Mr. Rove's wild ride, then they look like idiots for falling for it in the first place. I maybe a little more paranoid than the average person, but if such juicy documents landed on my lap out of the blue from unnamed 'Retired Military Officers' I'd be smelling a rat from a mile away.
VOX POPLAR'S FIRST RULE OF POLITICS: "If you're going to sling sh*t, make sure it isn't going to come back and hit you in the face."
This incident shows an alarming level of naivete in the high ranks of the DNC, and can only make their candidate look bad. They'd been Punk'd with a scam that even a child could see through.
Smooth move, it just might cost you the election.

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