Christopher Hitchens: The Last Great Debater?

Those who have wasted their time checking out this chum bucket of random thoughts and opinions have probably figured out that I enjoy a good political debate with both sides of an issue.

Sadly this seems to be a lost art. Especially among the forces of the political left. Their debates seems trapped in a mindset where if your slick and cleverly presented, then you can spew whatever you feel like to affirm your position, whether it's true or not.

And if they can't be slick, they scream.

And scream.

And scream.

Thankfully there's one voice out there who hasn't yet fallen into this trap. His name is Christopher Hitchens. A transplanted Brit, now living in the USA, who's become a daring and literate voice for rational thought.

That's not to say that I agree with him on everything, I don't even agree with myself on everything. But at least where we disagree he tries to convince you with reasoned and coherent arguments, not hurl a cavalcade of crackpot theories based on shoddy evidence like most political pundits these days.

He writes a regular column called Fighting Words for Slate Webzine. There he writes about the big issues, and he's also disturbed by the Political Left's slide into fascist apologism.

Check him out.

You won't agree with everything he says, but at least he's talking...

...and not screaming.

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