WHAT ME BIASED, Part 2: The Saga Continues

More stories ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media:

  1. In 1971 John Kerry's organization VIETNAM VETERANS AGAINST WAR held a secret meeting in Kansas City, MO. The purpose of this meeting was to vote on whether or not they should assassinate members of congress they didn't agree with. At first Kerry denied attending the meeting, but both the FBI's surveillance records and Kerry's Missouri chairman say he was there. The Kerry Aide states that Kerry voted against the assassination program. The question I'd like to ask is: If the NRA held a secret meeting to vote on assassinating pro-gun control politicians, wouldn't the press be all over any Republican involved like stink on a turd whether they opposed the assassinations or not?
  2. The United Nations Oil for Food Program was more like the Oil for Palaces and Weapons Scam. It seems that many people in the so-called Pro-Peace countries like France, Germany, Russia, and were making massive profits supposedly trading food for oil. Even people linked to UN secretary general Kofi Annan made millions brokering these deals that left Iraqi children starving and fuelled Saddam's orgy of palace building.
  3. The media claims that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and Al-Quaida. That's a lie. Sure, Saddam didn't order the 9/11 attack, and I doubt that he was personally involved in that operation, but he did frequently give aid and safe harbour to Al-Quaida terrorists, and in exchange Bin Ladin helped found a terrorist/guerilla cell that fought the rebellious Kurdish peoples in the north.
  4. Some sources claim that Syrian agents and Sudanese Janjaweed militia-thugs have used poison gas on African Muslims in the ongoing Darfur genocide. I'd like to find out if this report is true, and if it is, WHERE DID SYRIA GET THE POISON GAS? Possibly second hand from Iraq?
  5. During the war Saddam Hussein ordered his generals to use biological and chemical weapons against Coalition forces. His generals told the field officers that those weapons were in the hands of other units, then told those other units that the first guys had the WMDs. Is it just me, but doesn't that sound like a clique of general's either selling off the WMDs themselves or the resources to produce those WMDs to other countries,like Syria, and pocketing the cash. Don't blame Bush for believing in the existence of the WMDs, it seems Saddam was convinced he had them too.
  6. Why do the press keep claiming that the USA is alone in Iraq, and the few times that the do acknowledge the 30+ other countries involved in the effort they call them the 'Coalition of the Bribed & Coerced.' Apparently an international coalition isn't truly international without the approval of France. Don't disrespect people willing to fight & die by your side just to win the approval of the French.
  7. Why is nobody interested in the story behind the story of the Darfur Genocide. France is blocking every attempt to sanction the Sudanese government for their genocidal policies. Why? It seems that there's oil under Darfur, France has a contract to get it, and those farmers are in their way.

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