The Manchurian Candidate: The Remake that Should Have Been Made

A few months ago Hollywood released a big budget remake of the Cold War paranoia classic THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE starring Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep.

The original was about a Korean War soldier who has been brainwashed by the good old global communist conspiracy to pave the way for a commie controlled presidential candidate. But since this is the new millenium and the old Soviet Bloc is dead and Communist China's a major market the remake had to make a few changes. Now the threat isn't a foreign enemy, but those pesky satanic Republicans.

Now I think that the Hollywood folks blew it with this one. They let their blatant Republicans are Evil mindset ruin what could have been a great political satire.


An American soldier from a politically connected family (played by Robert Redford) goes to VietNam where he's kidnapped and brainwashed by Red China agents to run for president and destroy America. 30+ years pass and their candidate, a decorated veteran, anti-war activist and senator, is poised to win the White House.

And the Chinese suddenly realize their mistake.

They don't want America destroyed anymore. They want America fat and happy and contentedly buying up Chinese made goods. They send their best agent (played by Jackie Chan) to stop him. But they don't want to assassinate him, instead the plan is to use the old playing card inducing trance gag to get him to say something stupid on the campaign trail. The trouble is, the poor Chinese Agent doesn't know which one will set him off.


Round off the cast with Chris Rock as a foul-mouthed vice-president, Angela Lansbury as the mother, and Christopher Walken as his mentally crippled army buddy and you would have a movie I'd pay money to see. Think of all the opportunities for slapstick and political satire you can have with this film.

It would have to be better than SILVER CITY.

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