What me biased?

A recent CNN/Gallup poll gives old Dubya a 13 point lead in the popular vote, and Kerry's image is slipping among the American voter despite almost universal support from the big media conglomerates.
They've given Kerry and his campaign an practically free ride only reacting to things that grow beyond their control to the point where they can't control it anymore. They ignored the $200,000 campaign by the Swifties until internet interest spread nationwide while they treated the $60 MILLION+ campaigns from Democratic surrogates MoveOn and ACT like they were the gospel from on high.
But interest in the Swift-Vets grew too big, so they tried every tactic to disprove or at least distort the Swift-Vets story. But sadly, the fog of war keeps the issue a he said/they said situation. So being unable to disprove the Swift-Vets claims they went back to ignoring them. Completely ignoring new ads featuring Kerry's own words where Kerry states to a Congressional hearing that he either condoned or participated in wartime atrocities like rape, village burning and the mutilation &/or murder of innocent civilians.
Sadly, there's a lot of other stories they choose to ignore.
  1. Nobody in the mainstream media's gone anywhere near John Kerry's 'Peace Conference' with reps of Viet-Cong and North Vietnam in Paris in the early 70's. As a member of the US naval reserve at the time he was in violation of the Logan Act which could have meant a sentence to Leavenworth Military Stockade. Maybe his wealthy family's influence kept him out of trouble?
  2. Also, the mainstream media ignores the 50+ times he claimed that spent Xmas of 1968 on an illegal mission in Cambodia under the orders of the Luciferian Richard Nixon. An event that was seared...seared into his memory. The fact that Nixon wasn't inaugurated until January of '69 has absolutely nothing to with fairness and accuracy in reporting. Apparently it wouldn't sell to the party apparatchiks to accuse Pres. Lyndon Johnson of sending him on illegal missions.
  3. Where the hell did Steve Bing, the producer of Kangaroo Jack, get $16,000,000 to give to the Kerry Campaign and various Democratic Party surrogates like MoveOn and ACT? That's a question I'd like to get answered. So far there was one story on that fact on ABC and then it was pulled over whether a friend of Bing's was really a hitman, or just a racketeer.
  4. Why don't they demand the release of Kerry's complete naval records, the way they're demanding Bush's National Guard records? Only one things stands in their way, which is the consent of John Kerry. But like his Senate committee attendance records he wants them kept secret.

The latest strategy the Dems are using is to try to slander Dubya by getting Dan Rather and Kitty Kelly to pounce on ancient rumours of bad behaviour.


You can't accuse a man of having a wasted (in more ways than one) youth, when the man you're trying to slander practically ran on the premise that he was a wastrel until Jesus and the love of a good woman saved his sorry ass. I got to use the word 'wastrel' in a blog. WHOOPEE!

Meanwhile John Kerry's youth is being presented as his best qualification for the Presidency. That makes it fair game, and complaining about your opponents asking questions about it is just whining. And if there's one thing people don't like is a whiner.

I'm not even a Republican or an American, I'm a politically independent Canadian who likes things like public healthcare. The media's handling of the Democratic Party scares me, because what the hell else are they sitting on?

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