And now for something silly...

A guy named Doug is sitting in his kitchen nursing a whopper of a hangover. His roommate Fred comes into the kitchen also nursing a hangover.

"That was some party we crashed last night," said Fred.

"It was," moaned Doug, "but I think I left my wallet there."

"Oh, crap" said Fred, "I don't remember the address."

"Neither do I," said Doug, "but I do remember that it was on the west side, and it was a lime green house with a purple door."

"That's right," said Fred, "and the weirdest thing of all was that they had a brass toilet."

"They can't be that hard to find," said doug, "let's go."

After driving around the west side for an hour, the two buddies finally found a lime green house with a purple door.

"This has to be it," said Doug as he knocked on the door.

"I'll make sure," said Fred.

The purple door opened and they were greeted by a woman in a bathrobe.

"Hello Ma'am," said Fred, "did you throw a party here last night?"

"Yes we did." answered the woman.

"And do you own a brass toilet?" asked Fred.

"Hey Harold," called out the woman, "I found out who shit in your tuba!"

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