Worse than who...? Part 2: Son of Worse than Who?

Yesterday I rambled about how irresponsible and ignorant it was to compare George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler, and how it was a sign of the increasing decay in the thinking and moral superiority of the western Political Left. Now I'm going to try to debunk some other myths, namely those countries & leaders who are always cited by the left as being better than the USA & Pres. Dubya. So let's go down the list.

  • FRANCE. Pres. Jacques Chirac has been basically canonised by the American Left for his opposition to the invasion of Iraq. But do they really know his motives? Probably not. It seems France was up to its hairy armpits in the UN oil for food/weapons/palaces scam, and French corporations were making billions in profits from illegal oil and weapons deals with Saddam Hussein. Their opposition was actually based more on greed than any moral superiority. Meanwhile, French policy is to keep its Muslim population (about 10% of the total pop of France) encased in vast ghettos overrun with crime, racism, and Islamic fundamentalism. There they are denied jobs, education and only the most basic access to France's vast social infrastructure. They've also instilled laws banning Islamic headscarves in public buildings like schools and hospitals. A gesture that would be shouted down as a flagrant violation of the constitution if attempted in the USA. Also France is currently engaged in a series of 'Peacekeeping Operations' in Central Africa. It's amazing that they only seemed interested in peacekeeping in areas where they can prop up a puppet warlord to take control of the blood diamond trade.
  • RUSSIA. First Russia goes to war with Chechnya to secure an oil pipeline and over 20% of the Chechen population is killed. Russian troops also engage in atrocities that make the idiocy of the Abu Ghraib prison look like a Mormon Church picnic. And in the face of increasing violent & sadistic Chechen terrorism Pres. Vladimir Putin has pretty much suspended their fledgling democracy in the outer provinces, personally appointing their governors and ministers. He's also seized control of all media outlets and intimidated the others to squash criticism of his reign. Now the reason he opposed the downfall of Saddam is that he too was making immense profits from illegal dealings with the Baathist Regime.
  • CANADA. The shining light of the north where the government banned the Fox News network because a commentator criticized our then Prime Minister. It's also the place where a CBC journalist was demoted from a national political posting to covering the Vancouver criminal court because the government somehow got access to a private e-mail where the reporter, to gain the confidence of an informant, expressed sympathy with the informant's political beliefs. Police have also ransacked another reporter's home and office. Why? It seems she dug up some embarrassing info about government incompetence and they wanted to quash the story. It's also the country where an innocent woman, who faces death in her home country for working for the UN, is denied refugee status, while a family of Al Quaida sympathizers and financiers are welcomed back with open arms after they are driven out of Afghanistan where they fought for the Taliban.

If the Bush administration tried anything like the actions I described here, the media and the oppostition would be on them like stink on a turd. You can't even claim that Bush is worse than Bill Clinton. Approximately 1,000,000 people died in Rwanda. Clinton could have stopped it, but National Security pundit and media darling Richard Clarke joined with him to develop a policy where they stopped aiding the anti-genocide effort, and even blocked attempts by others to do it.

Their reasoning: Clinton and Clarke believed that Rwanda didn't have any resources they wanted and were worried that ending the genocide would result in thousands of Rwandans emigrating to the USA. So they not only did nothing, they literally hindered anyone else from doing anything. Now that's good moral thinking.

It's okay not to like Bush. But stop and think about why, before you leap to any conclusions.

Know the facts, not the spin.

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