These are the things that piss me off...(Part 1)

  1. SUVs. The most flagrant case of false advertising I ever encountered. They contain the word sport, but try to drive them off-road and you'll flip over. They contain the word utility, but they're as practical as brassieres for bulls. The only accuracy in their name is that they are a vehicle, just a poor excuse for one. The only purpose is to create a false sense of security/machismo for the dead-eyed suburbanites vain and shallow enough to waste good money buying them and keeping them gassed up. They are not the solution to a problem, they are a problem.
  2. Hypocrites. Say what you mean, and mean what you say dammit! Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk.
  3. Media Bias. No, I'm not talking about FoxNews, because I can't watch FoxNews, it's illegal in Canada. I'm talking about the channels that I do see that ignore major stories and simply let certain assumptions go unchallenged because they come from the Democratic Party in the USA and the Liberal (in name only) Party in Canada. If FoxNews does follow a more conservative line than the other nets, then that's probably because Rupert Murdoch sees it as an under-exposed point of view.
  4. France. A wonderful country with a long and rich history of starting wars and destruction and then blaming other countries for the problems they start. They started the VietNam war, because they felt bad about their shameful performance in WW2, and thought reconquering their empire would make them feel better. Then they blackmailed the USA to prop up their puppet regime, and then condemned the USA as 'evil imperialists.' Now they're back at it. They blocked the UN from stopping Saddam, because French interests were making billions from the misery of the Iraqi people. Now they're blocking the UN from quelling the Darfur genocide, because they have a deal, in partnership with China, to explore for oil in Darfur, once those poor farmers are out of the way. Their also using their foreign legion to prop up their fave African warlords in order to control the blood diamond trade, and then have the unmitigated balls to call them Americans 'aggressive imperialists.'
  5. The Death of Political Debate. You can't have a good political argument, based on reason and facts anymore. Now you have to yell and scream and spew the same bullshit over and over again. Just because you're screaming doesn't make you right.
  6. The Death of the Political Left. I fancy myself a centrist who enjoys taking on both sides of an issue to find the truth. But things from the left side of the spectrum have gotten positively wingy. They're so wrapped up in opposing those satanic Republicans that they're endorsing people like Saddam Hussein, Usama Bin Ladin, and Muqtada Al-Sadr. People who endorse the deliberate mass murder of men, women and children and would gladly kill all the lefties they could get their hands on. 'Why would they support these people?' you might ask. Well it's simple. The terrorists and their allies want to destroy all western liberal democracies and the left thinks liberal western democracies are the root of all evil. In the 30's they blamed the coming of WW2 not on Hitler, but on Churchill for opposing his militarisation of Germany. They blamed the Cold War and its inherent troubles on the Western Democracies, because decent and nice people like Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong couldn't possibly do anything wrong. What used to be the voice of progressive thinking, have become apologists for fascism.

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