...and still counting.
The disaster in Southern Asia has reached a level of tragedy that goes beyond the level of understanding possessed by a mere mortal like myself.  The ever increasing casualty count, growing by thousands ever hour, has become an unbelievable statistic.
No, unbelievable isn't the right word.
It's not that you can't believe that this terrible event and the suffering it caused has happened.  It's that you honestly don't want to believe that such a catastrophe is even possible.
Sadly, what we want, and what happens in the real world are two totally different things.
Although the suffering of countless legions of innocent people are nothing when it comes to those who seek to use this event for their own political gain.
I'm talking about the international 'Hate America' club that's criticizing the USA for being 'stingy' in its response.
You America bashing bastards should be ashamed of yourselves.
American citizens alone make up 40% of charitable giving in the world.  That's one country of less than 300 million people in a world of over 6 billion people.  Also the government of the USA has always been the biggest dispenser of aid in the world.
They're offering millions of dollars in cash for aid programs as well as sending a flotilla of US Navy vessels with 5000 sailors, helicopters, food, medical supplies and equipment for desalinizing and purifying drinking water.  Other nations, even the World Bank is offering cash, but I don't see how just money is going to prevent disease, bury the dead, treat the injured and repair some of the awful damage done.
The Americans are offering more than a pledge to give some money to someone at some future date.  They're offering to put their citizens in the disaster area and put them to work saving lives.  And for that they're called 'stingy' by the same people who brought the world Saddam's Oil for Food scam.
America would be well within its rights as a nation to turn to the world that hates it and declare that they're not going to give them the steam off their pee and then tell America's bashers to solve the world's problems if they're so damn superior.
But Americans would never do that.
And do you know why?
Because Americans are basically a decent people.  All they want is for the rest of the world to enjoy the same success that they have enjoyed, and when the rest of the world is hurt, they're always the first on the move to tend to the sick, clothe the naked and feed the hungry.
Those who bash America as ungenerous should ask themselves a question. 
"What am I doing to help?"
No matter what they think, it'll be nowhere near the level of charity expressed by the United States of America.
Now all you American Bashers, shut up and go help someone.  Do something useful with your life for a change.

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