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Political pundit and certified devil's advocate Christopher Hitchens is out pimping his new collection of essays Love, Poverty & War. As usual he gives an intriguing interview with FrontPage Magazine found here.

I often disagree with him, but you can't dismiss that he makes a compelling and intelligently presented case. Unlike some pundits out there who think just being loud somehow makes them right. Anyway, his book should be an interesting read.


In other news, Frontpage Columnist Roger Kimball has put together an obituary about the recent passing of author/pundit/radical chic activist Susan Sontag. I'm afraid that I've been more moved by the recent passing of actor/singer Jerry Orbach than yet another long-winded Manhattanite who is hailed by a genius for such clever epigrams like calling Western Culture a 'cancer on the world.'

I'll miss Jerry Orbach.

I'll probably forget Susan Sontag.


Ilana Mercer has written a well done piece about what I call 'causes & excuses' in American Spectator that can found here.



Ukrainian Prime Minister and author of the upcoming book "101 Recipes for Dioxin" Viktor Yukanovych is refusing to concede the presidential election he lost by eight points and is threatening to take the results to court.

Take a lesson from the Kerry campaign.

Concede the election. Then have your toadies file countless court challenges demanding a series of pointless and expensive recounts.

That's how a real democracy works.


I've been reading a lot about Minnesota Star-Tribune Columnist Norm Coleman's feud with the people behind the way more popular blog than mine POWERLINE.

MEMO TO NORM COLEMAN: I've read some of your comments and I have to say, never pick a gunfight when you don't have any ammunition.

Now talk among yourselves....

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