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Lance Armstrong has inadvertently become the centre of a bruhaha over his 'LIVE STRONG' bracelets.  Apparently they're the same color as one hospital's 'Do Not Resucitate' wristbands.  I hope this isn't happening in Holland with its new protocol of involuntary euthanasia.  That could get messy.
The World Bank, like all UN institutions give new meaning to screwing the pooch.  It's so obssessed with collecting the accumulated interest left over from loans that were paid off decades ago, they're driving the poor country's they were supposed to help into the ground.  Here's an idea.  Abolish the World Bank, and replace with something that doesn't put economic development money in the hands of corrupt and incompetent 3rd World governments and their cronies.  Put the money in the hands of the people who do the work.  Then you might get something done.  Then again, the UN is squarely against getting anything done.  Case in point: The Oil for Palaces... I mean food program...
This month marked the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's coronation as the Emperor of France.  France has mixed feelings about the event.  On one hand he's the last leader they had that was ever described as 'brilliant' even if it was at making war, on the other hand, he wasn't French.  He was a Corsican of Italian descent, and that really sticks in their snooty, nationalistic egocentric craw.  I knew Napoleon was good for something.
Withered talking head Mike Wallace gummed the fat with an outgoing fellow octogenarian senator named Fritz Hollings tonight on 60 Minutes.  The whole interview ran like a campaign commercial for the Democratic Party.  The old coot said that Condeleeza Rice wasn't fit for her new job and should 'go back to teaching Russian.'  That only displays the senatorial silverback's disconnection from the real world.  A disconnection that is shared by his party, and the party's friends in the MSM.  An interesting thing though, if he was a Republican from the South, the first question out of Wallace's mouth after that statement would have been 'Is that because she's black?'  But since he's a Democrat, Wallace stayed with the fluff questions.  At least he wasn't as bad as Dan Rather.  Rather's interviews with Bill Clinton bordered on journalistic fellatio.  But both Wallace and the Senator were too damn old for that.
Andy Rooney was on Larry King Live tonight... Is it just me, but doesn't it seem a little incestuous when media people spend all their time interviewing other media people.  If this keeps up we're going to end up with the journalistic equivalent of the barefoot gap-toothed kid sitting on the front porch in Deliverance playing his banjo.  Then again, maybe that's already happened.

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