I don't know why I still watch 60 Minutes...

I really don't.
Today all they had was a piece about 'Echo-Boomers' and how sheltered, naive and rich they are, then a remembrance of Ray Charles, and then a piece about NFL coaches, which aired, conveniently enough, right after an NFL game.
Not exactly relevant and earth-shattering reports.
But the real kicker came when pundit/ curmudgeon/ fossil Andy Rooney came on, saying that college professors should be made into a branch of the government and have a valid say on major issues.
God, I hoped that old bastard was joking.
Because if he wasn't, then it's time to take Ol' Yeller out back one last time.  There's something not right with his head and it ain't ever gonna get right ever again.
It's obvious that Andy Rooney hasn't met a university professor since the great glaciers receded and he was covering the scores on the latest mammoth hunt.  University professors are probably the most narrow minded, egocentric, and blatantly prejudiced group of people on the face of the earth.  If they weren't they wouldn't be college professors, they'd be out doing something, rather than talking about it.
Right now, this minute, while America is at war with a fascist enemy called Islamic Terrorism, American University Professors are calling for the mass slaughter of America's courageous soldiers,  promote treason and fascism under the guise of prgoressiveness, and are glorifying men like Saddam Hussein & Usama Bin Ladin they way they beatified the terrorist, mass-murderer, and dictator wannabe Che Guevera.
I'm not saying they're all bad. 
Condi Rice was a college professor, but she got over it.
But I am saying that the majority have been ensconced in their Ivory Towers for too long.  Their connection to reality and the threats loose in the world has been cut.  They're stuck in the 60's thinking that everything is the fault of those evil democracies, and that all fascist dictators need is a hug and a stern talking too.
The bulk of the academics in this world are not qualified for real power, no matter what that fossilized windbag says.  Just having a lot of letters after your name doesn't mean you're smart, it just means you're good at telling your predecessors what they want to hear.
I really should stop watching 60 Minutes...
~Vox Poplar, BA, BS, MA, Ph.D, MD, PDQ, SFA.

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