Some Quickies...

It's official.  Viktor Yuchenko the leader of the Ukraine's Orange Revolution was poisoned with a chemical called dioxin.  Yuchenko suspects that he was poisoned during dinner with the heads of Ukraine's security service.  He remembered that the waiter who came out with the drinks was muttering: "The toxin called dioxin is in the vessel with the pestle, the flagon with the dragon holds the brew that is true."
Canada's Supreme Court cleared the way for Same Sex Marriage.  As I've said before, the churches shouldn't oppose Gay Marriage, they should demand it.  There should be big bill boards of the Pope overlooking every gay bar in the country with the slogan "Is there a ring on that finger?"  Think of the wedding fees the churches are throwing away here.
New Republic pundit Peter Beinart has won my official Voice In the Wilderness Award for his recent piece calling for American Liberals to accept the fact that Islamofascism is a way bigger threat than having a practising Christian in the Oval Office.  He calls for the Democratic Party to cast out treason preachers like Michael Moore and Tom Hayden and accept that the country really is in a struggle for survival.  So far, the only people who have noticed this brave piece of punditry are the right-wing or conservative media.  The liberal MSM is ignoring him, and hoping that he goes away.  The Democratic Party too is ignoring his sage advice, preferring to write off their electoral defeat as the result of either voter stupidity or some evil masonic conspiracy.

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