A Little Musical Moment

There's been a lotta talk about the riot at MacArthur Park, with fingers being pointed and accusations made on both sides.

So I've decided to unite the two warring sides with song.

It's to the tune of Richard Harris' MacArthur park, sing along if you like.

Cops were there waiting for us, girl
And I clocked one on his head
With a big rock tossed from my own two hands
I could see that the cops were pissed
And ready to beat my ass with iron
I suddenly pissed my woven hemp cargo pants

MacArthur's Park police dogs start to bark
All the LAPD beating down
Rubber bullets coming down like rain
I don't think that I can mend it
'Cause I started it and the cops will end it
And I'll have to run far away again
Oh, no!

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