The Poplar Report: May Day May Day Hey Day!

Good evening Mr. & Mrs. Internet and all her sites in cyberspace, let's go to press:

DATELINE- LOS ANGELES: The fish wrap of record for the City of Angels set their ink stained-phasers to 'smear' today with a story implying that former senator-actor Fred Thompson is a racist for playing a racist on a TV crime show in 1988.

Using the LA Times' logic I hereby demand the arrest of Anthony Hopkins for the murder and cannibalism committed in Silence of the Lambs, Sean Penn locked up for the murders he committed in Dead Man Walking, and Alec Baldwin arrested for being an agent of Kim Jong-Il, as seen in Team America: World Police, and lock up Rosie O'Donnell for unlawful portrayal of a human being.

DATELINE-MILWAUKEE: A controversial leftist radio talk show host is
being criticized for saying that he was 'glad' that the mother of a rival talk show host died in a fire. Now I have to tell those critics that Michael McGee is African-American, a professional race-baiter, and left wing, so anyone who criticizes him, or challenges his statements, logic, or decency, is a racist.

He sure does have a face made for radio, doesn't he? I get the feeling that Mr. McGee is a regular Mr. Magoo when he's looking for the old shampoo bottle.

DATELINE-CYBERSPACE: Some brainbox at the Huffington Post decided to think aloud about the possibility of Paul Wolfowitz's lady friend, Shaha Riza is a spy because she was born in Libya and raised in Saudi Arabia. All I have to say is:


If he acts like one, by calling a woman with a lifetime dedicated to public service and human rights a spy for dictators on the basis of her ethnicity, then he deserves to be called one.

That's all for tonight folks, good night, good luck, and good grief.

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Rogue said...

Sean Penn is also a mentally deficient characature of a Dr Seuss book: "Sam I Am"