I don't know if Australians are brave or just crazy.

Check out this ambush of members of Fred Phelps's Church of the Almighty Homophobic Moonbat by a frisky Australian 'reporter':


Anonymous said...

Nah, we're not crazy.

But that Phelps is some kind of galah, mate...about time some bonzer aussies showed this wombat the chair and floor.

Struth, mate....he shot through like a Bondi tram :)

Sydney Australia

LindaSoG said...

That was... marvelous!

Petrock said...

I want to thank you for making my day; I will go through the rest of it with a spring in my step. When these little slimeballs came to my town all of us old soldiers and many others came out and booed them and such. But this reminds one that the rewards of a little cheek and that some fools are not to be suffered gladly.