Roasted Frank in a Bun

Today we salute a man who has set the example for others in the blogosphere, a cautionary example, but an example nonetheless.

I'm talking about Frank J. the heart, soul, and colon of IMAO.US.

IMAO is the website whose very existence argues for the elimination of the Internet.

It's the site that fills Al Gore with regret for inventing the damn thing in the first place.

But seriously folks.

He's a wonderful fellow, world renowned for his punchy humour style, his punchy punching style, and for his girly crying style when his feelings get hurt.

He's provided a wonderful service to the World Wide Web. Without him, who would the makers of transsexual Romanian midget goat porn look down on?

Also, without him, who would annoy liberals on days when Anne Coulter is on vacation?

Where would we be without Frank J?

Let's find out.

Happy 4th Anniversary IMAO. Keep on truckin!

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