1 on 1 with the Mounties...

VOX POPLAR- Canada is all abuzz over the recent arrests of 17 men ranging in age from their teens to 43 on various terrorism related charges. Joining me is Constable Dwayne Stubble, spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Welcome to my blog Constable Stubble.

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- It's good to be here.

VOX POPLAR- I'd also like to congratulate the RCMP and CSIS for a job well done.

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Thank you Mr. Poplar.

VOX POPLAR- How does it feel to be in the middle of a major, and possibly international, Islamic terrorist case?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Whoah there cowboy! Let's not rush to any judgment.


CONSTABLE STUBBLE- There is no involvement of Islam in this case! The suspects come from a BROAD STRATA of society and have no involvement with anything Islamic whatsoever.

VOX POPLAR- Is that so?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- It is so. There is not one iota of anything Islamic in this case.

VOX POPLAR- But all the suspects are Muslims, aren't they?


VOX POPLAR- And they were first identified from their participation in an Islamic fundamentalist pro-jihad website?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Yes. But it's all a coincidence because there is no involvement of Islam. This was just a group of people, who just happen to all be the same religion, who just happened to be accumulating explosives to blow up their fellow Canadians for purely secular and political reasons.


CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Yes, we don't want to jump to conclusions here. Just because a bunch of Muslims want to kill people doesn't mean that they're trying to impose a Wahabi Caliphate through violence and terror.

VOX POPLAR- What if... speaking hypothetically... you arrested a group of Irish Catholics from Belfast with three tons of ammonium nitrate?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Then they would obviously be IRA looking to kill Protestants.

VOX POPLAR- Italians?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- They'd be Mafia, naturally.


CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Obviously planning to surrender to someone.

VOX POPLAR- But implying Muslims buying tons of explosives are involved in some sort of jihad...?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- That would be stereotyping. And the RCMP will not condone stereotyping, unless the suspects are black, or native, then we stereotype away. But stereotyping in this case will only inflame the backlash that has already started against Muslims.

VOX POPLAR- You're talking about the broken windows in the mosque?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Yes, that's one of the most horrible crimes committed in the history of Canada.

VOX POPLAR- Not unlike the arson attack against the Jewish school a while back?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Whoah there pal! That was just an isolated incident and is in no way connected to the global explosion of Islamic inspired anti-Semitism.

VOX POPLAR- I understand the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress Dr. Mohammed Elmasry has praised the state of denial you are obviously in.

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Well he's the spokesman in Canada for the great religion of peace.

VOX POPLAR- Didn't he once say that Israeli civilians were legitimate targets for suicide bombers?

CONSTABLE STUBBLE- Look, I will not have you confusing this investigation with facts, this interview is over!

(Constable Stubble stomps off)

VOX POPLAR- Okay. Log on next time as we watch this case develop. Goodbye.

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