Pass me my crying towel...

Some folks are reporting that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, everyone's favourite rapist and mass murder, was beaten before he died by American troops.


There is also reports of a triple suicide pact among prisoners at Gitmo. Two Saudis and a Yemeni are dead by their own hands.

Excuse while I find a reason not to cry.

No word as of this writing of the cause of death. But if the Yemeni jumped to his doom, then I would be forced to call out "Yumpin' Yemeni."

God, this war has turned me into a real heartless bastard.

Thanks a lot Osama.

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UncleBeal said...

Funny how nobody cries for the woman who got stabbed 29 frikkin times by their brother because he didn't like the way she was raising her kid.

I've noticed that the locals over there get real sensitive when someone other than family kills them.

Stay heartless on this one.