Terrorism, eh?

Big news in the Great White North is that the RCMP & CSIS have arrest approximately 17 people for involvement in a terrorist cell. Among the arrested according to the Toronto Star (ht: Small Dead Animals)are:

1. Fahim Ahmad, 21, Toronto;

2. Zakaria Amara, 20, Mississauga, Ont.;

3. Asad Ansari, 21, Mississauga;

4. Shareef Abdelhaleen, 30, Mississauga;

5. Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, Mississauga;

6. Mohammed Dirie, 22, Kingston, Ont.;

7. Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, Kingston;

8. Jahmaal James, 23, Toronto;

9. Amin Mohamed Durrani, 19, Toronto;

10. Steven Vikash Chand alias Abdul Shakur, 25, Toronto;

11. Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, 21, Mississauga;

12. Saad Khalid, 19, of Eclipse Avenue, Mississauga.

Better bloggers than me are also on the case over at Pajamas Media.

Apparently these cats were in possession of over 3 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Now either they were part of a conspiracy of gardeners plotting to secretly fertilize every lawn in the Greater Toronto Area, or they were going to build a bomb.

What really leaves me gobsmacked is a story about a CSIS operation that so far, has ended in embarrassment and humiliation for the whole country.

All I can say, is good work, you foiled a terrorist plot and prevented the potential murder of thousands. Too bad some addle brained Canadian judge will most likely set them free on some BS technicality.


Let's forget about the terrorist assholes who want to blow up innocent people to please their bloodthirsty bastardized view of God, let's think about the good that comes from Canada.


Damn, the country's under attack and I have a one track mind...

I need a life.


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