It's Official...

...the recently arrested wannabe Canadian Jihadis are as guilty as sin.

How do you know?

Their lawyers are claiming that they are being tortured.

Wait a minute that sounds familiar?

It should, because every Al-Qaida suspect claims to have been tortured at the hands of those evil Yankees, Brits, and now Canucks.


Despite the opinions of the political left, western liberal democracies don't regularly engage in torture, and have a tendency to punish those who do torture. This is Canada, not Syria we're talking about here, and a case with worldwide media scrutiny so these claims should be taken with a pound of salt.

So why would these Jihadist lie?

Because Al-Qaida tells them to. Police in Manchester, England found an Al-Qaida training manual for wannabe mass murderers, and it tells them to accuse their captors of torture whether it's happening or not.

Why would Al-Qaida want that, don't they know that fibbing is wrong?

Because folks on the political left will believe any crackpot claim they make, because they secretly root for fascists and will use the torture excuse to fight to set them free to kill again.

Since this pretty much proves their guilt, they will no doubt be freed by the Canadian justice system.

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