Dan Rather Goes Stupidly Off Into the Night...

CBS News Anchor and Democratic Party fundraiser/mouthpiece Dan Rather is leaving his post on March 9th, the 24th Anniversary of him inheriting the job from professional grey eminence and poster boy for willful blindness Walter Cronkite.
He leaves his anchor desk under a cloud. Shot down by the rising tide of bloggers who fact check everything. The 'pajama wearing' pundits fact-checked his bogus National Guard documents into a national scandal. Most folks say they lost respect for Dan Rather when that scandal broke.
I myself have to say that I lost any respect, which was little a long time ago. I read a piece a few years ago that said that CBS News was cutting the bulk of their foreign correspondents who used to be the backbone of the organisation.
Apparently they wanted to renew Dan Rather's contract and needed the money to fulfill his salary demands.
And he had the temerity, the sheer brass ones to declare that he was a journalist and that the truth came first.
That's as true as those Texas Guard Documents, and that Al-Qaqaa story he tried to sway the election with.
What came first with Dan Rather was Dan Rather.
He was the star of CBS News and the show had nothing to do with news or even CBS it was all about Dan and glorification thereof.
They covered what Dan wanted covered.
They presented it the way Dan wanted it presented.
And if he played fast and loose with facts or the network's mythical objectivity, than so be it.
He's Dan and he can do whatever the hell Dan wants.
Now CBS is going to need another talking head to fill in the time between ads for Viagra and Maalox. Top of the list of talking heads is Canadian John Roberts. Roberts is a former MuchMusic Video Jockey who actually has some real journalistic credentials including awards for his documentary on the death and funeral of Reggae legend Bob Marley. Rumour has it that he's been waiting for Rather to retire for years, but old Dan thought he was going to be in that chair forever.
Gee... I wonder if Roberts ever visited a Kinko's in Texas?
I smell a conspiracy... and I've got documents to prove it!
Sure, they're written in crayon, but I know they're real and prove a vast right-wing conspiracy!
You believe me Dan won't you!!
If we blame it on Bush will you believe me then!?!
Come on Dan!
You'll believe anything!

JFK: 41 Years Later & Still Theorizing...

Here's my 2 cents about what happened on Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963.
Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited from the Marine Corps to become a spy in Russia.  Not for the CIA, or the KGB, but for the FBI.  I believe that this was one of J. Edgar Hoover's half-baked attempts to start his own spy agency.  It flopped, Oswald ended up working in a TV factory with no secrets to steal.  So, he was allowed to come home with his Russian wife and settle back in the USA.
He tries to stay useful to Hoover by either joining or starting up various wingnut political groups.  This gets him nowhere, but it does get him noticed.
Meanwhile the Mafia is in a raging hissy fit.  JFK, the President they got elected through vote rigging in Chicago and West Virginia has sicced his brother Bobby on their personal bank the Central States Pension Fund of the Teamsters Union.  JFK & RFK think what they're doing is okay because Hoffa and his associates New Orleans Mob Boss Carlo Marcello backed Nixon.  But it's not okay, not okay at all.
In Texas various oilmen are in a tizzy.  JFK is threatening to eliminate the Oil Depletion Allowance, which is basically a bloated subsidy for the oil industry.  He has to go.
These two factions have one thing in common.  A web of financial connections to a disaffected network of Cuban exiles, disgruntled ex-CIA contractors, and various ex-military types who have no love for Kennedy and gladly join in a conspiracy.
This is where Oswald comes in.  Oswald's to be their patsy, a man with a politically radical past that's shady enough to inspire the FBI to keep anyone from looking into the case too deep, thanks to his failed spy career.
Oswald plays along, thinking that he's a co-conspirator, and passes his info on to Hoover.  Hoover chooses to stay out of it.  He doesn't care for Kennedy either, and commits a sin of omission by letting it go forward.
When the assassination takes place without Hoover's FBI swooping in to save the day, Oswald realises what's happening to him.  He bolts.  Thinking Officer JD Tippet is after him, he shoots him before hiding out in a theatre where he's arrested.
Peripheral mob figure and borderline nutcase Jack Ruby sees an opportunity to be a hero, both to the mob and the general public by popping Oswald in the basement of the police station.
Hoover wins, getting rid of a Pres he didn't like and the living evidence of a failed and illegal spy operation.
That' my theory.  It still makes more sense than Oliver Stone's. 


Call Them What they Really Are!

I've been doing a little reading about how the mainstream or moderate Muslim community is conflicted over its image in the world. They profess it to be a religion of peace and goodwill, yet in Iran a 13 year old boy was whipped to death on the orders of a mullah. His crime, eating before sunset on Ramadan, and in Irag where a Jihadist insurgent put a bullet in the back of a saintly aid worker, her crime, helping the Iraqi people for 30 years and in Holland a 47 year old filmmaker and crank named Theo Van Gogh was shot, had his throat slit, and then had a note impaled to his chest with a knife by a Dutch-Moroccan citizen who didn't like Theo's opinions. And then when an artist friend of Theo's painted a mural in his honour that featured the words: THOU SHALT NOT KILL, the Iman of a nearby mosque demanded that it be removed because he felt it was 'racist.'

It's hard to present yourself as peaceful and tolerant when your 'brothers' are anything but.

So here's a solution.

Don't call these terrorists and the people who support them Muslim, or Islamic anymore.

Call them what they really are.

Sociopathic sadists who profess to worship God, when in fact they worship death and suffering. And you can sum it up in one word:

They are now OSAMISTS.

It's simple, punchy and sums up their philosophy of death and destruction with the man who embodies it. Someone who could have done a lot of good in the world with his wealth and influence, but instead chose to spread evil like cancer.

Osama Bin Ladin, his followers and the people who support them are not your brothers. They are destroying the faith you hold dear for their own grab at power. The Great Satan is real, and he is not the USA, he is already in your house and is consuming the souls of your children.

It's time to cast these human malignancies out of your mosques and your social groups. Stand up to them, declare that their twisted form of death-love is not your way, and then declare that they have forsaken the Prophet for the cause of twisted man who plays games with people's lives for his perverse amusement.

It's the only thing that can save your faith from total oblivion. A faith that will be destroyed not by outside 'infidels' but from inside, by a disease I call Osamism.

The Democratic Party & The MSM: Not just biased, but bigoted too.

Condoleeza Rice will move from the post of National Security Adviser to Secretary of State once the confirmation is complete in the new term. I had her pegged for Defense, but hey, I'm just an opinionated yahoo, I'm not one of Dionne Warwick's Psychic Friends.

Naturally Democratic Party functionaries and left leaning hacks of the MSM are jumping on her. And since they can't attack her work, or her mind, both are pretty substantial, they resort to using ugly ethnic stereotypes in a vain attempt to demean her. Editorial cartoonists are dressing her up like Butterfly McQueen and Garry 'Doonesbury' Trudeau has taken to calling her 'Brown Sugar.' (Trudeau's faux-pas might be a symptom of some deeply buried attraction to the comely Ms. Rice. It can't be an attempt at comedy, because Doonesbury has never been funny.)

Now if a Republican MSM outlet, there are so many, used sexist and racist language to demean a high ranking African-American cabinet member of the Clinton administration the MSM would be demanding heads on platters. Then again they were no high ranking African American cabinet members in the Clinton Administration. In fact it's the party of Lincoln that has put the future of American diplomacy in the hands of not one, but two back to back African Americans. Both are self-made people who rose to the tops of their chosen professions through diligence, hard work, and their considerable intellects.

I support Condeleeza Rice as Secretary of State. She already has the respect of many world leaders, she's tough, and has more sheer balls than anyone. She recognizes the weakness of the UN, the treachery of the French, and the ignorance that most of the free world has about the threat it faces. On real issues, she's a hard act to attack. So the Democrats dig up old and disgusting racist attacks, because deep down she scares them.

She has the potential to be the first African American and Female President of the USA, and she's a Republican. She makes all their candidates look like worn out old hacks with worn out old ideas.

Apparently Democrats are allowed to do anything racist and sexist as long as its African American targets are Republican. Gee, the last time this happened was when Southern Democratic bosses took over the Klu Klux Klan to use violence and terror to prevent African Americans from voting Republican.

The more things change the more things stay the same.

Except now they use fear mongering, racism, and slander.

I guess there are still a few white hoods in the closet at DNC headquarters.

Why doesn't the MSM report on that?


A Shower of Bastards

Warning: The Following Rant Contains Adult Language...
and the FCC says that adult language is the gateway to drug abuse, alcoholism, and sex with women.
You've been warned.

As I write this it's looking pretty certain that Michael Moore's buddies, his 'minutemen of Iraqi freedom' have shot and murdered international aid worker Margaret Hassan for the grievous crimes of trying to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and tending to the sick and injured.

The latest jihadi snuff video shows a bravely masked 'warrior of God' bravely shooting a bound and gagged woman in the back of the head.

In case you don't get it, I'm being sarcastic.

This act shows the lowest depths of cowardice and treachery that these people will stoop to. Innocence is no protection in their eyes, in fact, they view innocence as a form of weakness. And after they brutally butcher these people, they then release the videos on the web and on sale on streetcorners all over the Islamic world. Not to horrify us, that's just a pleasant side effect to them. Nope, the real reason they film these murders is to attract more drooling psychopaths like them to their cause.

Naturally, the American MSM is giving the late Margaret Hassan the barest minimum of lip service while saving all their outrage over a US Marine shooting an unarmed and wounded insurgent. Well I'm sorry, but I can't weep for a man who probably joined his 'holy cause' after wasting hours of his life masturbating to Al-Zarqawi's previous snuff videos and wanted a taste of the real thing.

The dead insurgent was shot and killed by a soldier who just seconds earlier was under fire and dealing with booby trapped corpses on the streets of Fallujah. The dead insurgent was killed in the heat of battle, people like Margaret Hassan and the others were cold bloodedly murdered, not for any realistic political gain, but for enjoyment of perverts and sadists who hide behind the mask of religion to justify their atrocities.

I think the government of the USA is being too polite when describing these so-called insurgents. Don't call them 'insurgents' or 'resistance fighters' call them what they really are: A pack of dog-fucking cowardly sons of bitches.

Bush should use that line in his next speech on the subject. The next time a defeatist MSM hack asks a question calling the Fallujah operation a failure because Al-Zarqawi fled, then Bush should answer: "Al-Zarqawi ran away, that's what you'd expect from a cowardly dog-fucking son of a bitch. They always run away when faced by real warriors. Bin Ladin's made a career of running and hiding while sending other dumb bastards to die, why should Al-Zarqawi be any different?"

Also mention that this 'religious insurgency' happens to be led by a convicted rapist, something the MSM tends to neglect. Then say that any operation that kills that many terrorists is a success because each dead terrorist means one less terrorist killing Iraqi children, or torturing aide workers for their own jollies.

If the FCC fines you Bush, then pardon yourself, the days of this pussyfooting pseudo-diplomatic language is over. You've got your second term, now hit them like a hammer and don't stop until the last cowardly dog-fucking son of a bitch is dead and buried.

Man am I pissed off!

Talk among yourselves...


Saddam, you really are an idiot.

Don't take this the wrong way Saddam, I know you've been going through a rough patch, what with losing your dictatorship and being caught in the political equivalent of an outhouse pit, and you can't have any more fun with your boys Uday and Qusay torturing raping and pillaging, but I just have to say this.

  • Saddam Hussein, you are an idiot.
  • You're a major idiot.
  • Dumber that a sack of hammers.
  • Thick as a brick and half as smart.
  • Have as much good sense as a block of wood.
  • You're dumber than a convention of idiots being held in the Stupidville Convention Centre.
  • If your IQ was room temperature Celsius, we'd have to turn up the furnace.
Not only did you run one of the most potentially wealthy countries into the ground, you then picked a fight with the USA and now you're waiting for the new Iraqi government to pick a time for your televised hanging.

And here's the good part. You stole 21 BILLION DOLLARS from the Oil for Food scam and the best escape route you could come up with was a hole in the ground. If I was you I would have never picked a fight with the Yanks in the first place, but if I did end up looking at an imminent invasion, I'd be in Switzerland with a new face and passport identifying me as Abdul Al-Abu, a retired oil salesman from Jordan who is lookingfor a nice sunny place to spend his prosperous autumn years.

But I'm not you, I actually have a few functioning brain cells.

Do yourself and the world a favour and end it all, because your stupidity is contagious. It's spread to those so-called insurgents in Fallujah.

What a dumb-ass.

A True and Heartwarming Story.... Sort of... Okay, maybe not...


As a wee shaver growing up among the fjords of Saskatchewan, I was taught by the nuns at the school of Our Lady of the Perpetual Clip On The Ear. I have many fond memories of that place, so pull up a chair and I'll tell you the story of the great pissing contest of 1977.

One day my school chum Fred Guriachi, the half-italian half japanese asthmatic chain smoker, challenged me to see who could piss higher up the washroom wall. And since I had just downed a litre of Coke, I figured I was a shoo in. So I said: "You're on Fred, let's get pissing."

So there we were, pissing our way up the already piss yellow bathroom wall tiles when in walked Sister Bernadette who was wondering what we doing in the bathroom for so long.

Employing the ancient art of Nun-Fu she paralyzed us both with an expert ear lobe hold and dragged us to the office of Brother Bernard, the school's principal.

"I caught these two hooligans trying to see who could piss farther up the bathroom wall," barked Sister Bernadette.

"What did you do?" asked Brother Bernard.

"I hit the ceiling!"

"Good," answered Brother Bernard, "never let the little bastards get ahead."


It seems somehow fitting...

Yasser Arafat, arch terrorist, toast of European Anti-Semites, self proclaimed Father of the Palestinian Nation, and enricher of Swiss Bankers was buried today and the whole affair seemed to fit him and his life.
He was planted in an expensive coffin in his Ramallah compound amid much hullabaloo, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.  He was buried the way the way he lived, making a lot of noise, wrapped in something expensive--but ultimately useless to anyone else, and he's still costing the Palestinian people their blood and treasure. 
His grave is surrounded by wrack and ruin which is also fitting because all he ever succeeded in doing was spreading death and destruction to everything he touched.  He was sloppy, corrupt, cruel, selfish, inconsiderate and greedy beyond the dreams of average avarice.  He helped forge the incompently run, corrupt, racist, mysoginistic, and predominantly fascist Middle East governments we know and loathe and that's a legacy I'm sure he's proud of.
Not only was he an evil malignant man, but he was also bad at it.  He achieved none of the goals he professed, preferring to pertpetuate pointless conflicts, obstruct attempts at peace, while looting his people blind.
My message to the Palestinian people is this.  Now that tumour called Arafat is gone.  Take this as an opportunity to forge an identity as peacemakers.  Throw away the bomb belt and pick up the olive branch.  You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


CIVIL WAR! Dem's Fighting words!

It seems some of the Democratic Party's more fanciful fantasists are enamoured with the concept of the 'Blue States' seceding from what they call 'JesusLand' and fighting a civil war to do it.
Okay, it's time for a reality check you poor deluded little people.
  1. You're going to take on the people in the country who own all the guns.  Now that's bright.  To paraphrase Blackadder: "It's the dumbest military move made since Olaf the Hairy ordered 500 Viking war helmets with the horns on the inside.
  2. If you look at the maps, most of the Blue States are full of Red Counties who might not care to go along with your secession fantasy.  And remember, they've got guns.

But on a more serious note I think it's time that Democrats look at the last Civil War to learn the most important lesson of that tragic event.


Democrats like to claim that their fights are for 'rights' and that these 'rights' are an absolute good.  Let's look at the rights they are willing to fight for.

1860s- Democrats started America's bloodiest conflict so the ancestors of Al Gore could own the ancestors of Martin Luther King jr.  According to them it was a 'right' that they believed was an 'absolute good.'  What it was in reality, was an attempt to prop up a morally and economically bankrupt system called slavery that enriched their elite financiers.

2004- Democrats want to secede to protect the 'rights' of the United Nations to dictate American foreign policy.  What that is in reality is the protection of tinpot despots, dictators, and terrorist, in the name of a mythical 'absolute good.'

So remember this lesson.  Pick your battles wisely, and maybe you won't have to fight more than one.

Yasser Arafat is Dead, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

The world is now less one human malignancy now that the passing of Yasser Arafat is now official.  The French, friend of dictactors and despots alike, gave him a hero's sendoff for the flight to Egypt and then his burial in Ramallah.
I'm not going to apologize for not crying like a BBC reporter over his illness because the man had absolutely no positive effect on anyone.  The hagiographers of hellspawn in the press are declaring that Yasser gave the Palestinian people their identity.
An identity as violent terrorists who blow up buses, butcher athletes, fire rockets into schools, and danced gleefully in the streets of Gaza & the West Bank as the twin towers fell taking almost 3000 innocent souls with them.
That's a great identity to take with you into history.
Yasser Arafat was the human equivalent of a tumor, creating nothing good but leeching all that is worth anything out of the Palestinian people and the Middle East in general.  All of his grand dreams of conquest and glory created nothing but death and horror in Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and especially among the Palestinians themselves. 
I won't cry for Arafat, and neither should the Palestinian people.  He's done nothing but use and abuse them, perpetuating violence for his own enrichment, and it's time they realised that. 
Send him to where he belongs, to the dustbin of history.


Why Kerry Lost, or The Militant Middle Triumphant!

The MSM (MainStream Media) is busy wringing their hands over the reelection of George W. Bush and the defeat of their chosen golden boy and George Soros's political valet John Forbes Kerry. Some of the more Liberal folks I know are contemplating fleeing to Canada and one predicted 'civil war in 2005.' A notion that made me laugh. Because if there's going to be a civil war then a dyed in the wool Democrat is in a truckload of sh*t because the Republicans have all the guns. So I asked him, what are you going to fight them with good intentions and hardcover copies of Noam Chomsky's latest screed?

The MSM and their Democratic bosses are also theorizing about why their candidate lost. And, logically, they're basing those theories on the same useless exit polls that predicted a Kerry landlside. But using this data the MSM are claiming that there's a rising Christian Right movement that will take over America via Dubya and make it into a theocracy that resembles the one in Usama Bin Ladin's darkest and dampest dreams.

Let me tell you something folks, they are all wrong.

And I should know, because I'm always right about everything.

It's got nothing to with the Christian Right and it's got everything to do with what I call the MILITANT MIDDLE. Average folks and political centrists who dont agree with everything Dubya's done since 2000, but prefer it to the wishy-washy terrorist coddling morally ambiguous (or is that nuanced) style of the Democrats.

The Militant Middle likes America and likes the fact that no matter how bad things seem to get, they always end up getting better in the end (the only country that can honestly make such a claim). They like their way of life and the freedom that only America guarantees.

What they don't like are psychotic yahoos crashing planes into office buildings or blowing up school children in order to fulfill some adolescent masturbation fantasy of paradise with 72 virgins. (Word to the terrorists, that's not as great as it sounds, I went to high school with 300 virgins and I didn't get lick of action.)

They also don't like people who bad mouth their country, its freedoms, and the men and women who risk their lives daily to insure those freedoms. They don't like people who call baby-bombing bastards 'insurgents' or in the case of Kerry buddy Michael Moore 'freedom fighters' or 'victims of despair.'

What they like is someone who calls someone who does evil things exactly what they are: EVILDOERS. And the Militant Middle like leaders that don't waver, fudge their beliefs, or fabricate facts in the vain hope that such flip-flopping would get them elected.

In wartime the Militant Middle demands consistency, strength, and clarity of purpose. Not vague promises and 'nuanced' and 'sensitive' treatment of those who slaughter the innocent.

It wasn't the Right that won this election. It was the Left that lost it, and it was the Militant Middle who really won.

That's enough for now, talk among yourselves.


Four Moore Years

George W. "Dubya" Bush has been reelected and the John F. "Jenghis Khan" Kerry campaign sank like a stone.

And I'll bet you dinars to donuts that Michael Moore couldn't be happier.

Don't run fleeing and screaming that this blogger has gone off his meds. Hear me out.

During the 80's & early 90's it was the Reagan/Bush 1 era, and Michael Moore put out ROGER & ME, the first in his series of pseudo-documentaries. It made money and it got him way more attention than he deserved.

Then came Clinton.

The American Left was in the ascendant. And Moore's career was pretty much in a standstill. Sure he still made films and wrote books, he even had two short lived TV shows. But nobody saw those films, shows, or read those books outside of a few hardcore lefties.

Then came Bush 2.

Then came 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

America had been attacked by a vicious and brutal fascist enemy and Moore was as happy as a hog rolling in his own feces. Especially when America struck back, and struck back hard.

This got the left all hot and bothered, they like it when America is hit, but think it's morally wrong for the good old USA to defend itself. They needed a voice, and were willing to go along with any crackpot conspiracy theory that would justify their "America is evil" mindset.

They delivered him an Oscar for BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, a mostly fictional hodge-podge of slanders and half-truths spun so hard that they generated their own gravity. He used his Oscar speech to deliver the expected Anti-Bush screed and Hollywood's lefty community loved him for it and pledge their undying allegiance to him and total belief in everything he says.

So he made FAHRENHEIT 9/11, an even more fictional 'documentary' about the 9/11 attacks and the war in Iraq. Portraying Saddam's Iraq as some sort of suburban paradise and America as the font of all evil in the world.

And the left declared that it was good and ran to the theatres in droves, seeing the film again, and again, and again, pushing its ticket sales past the $100 million mark.

Sure, he campaigned for Kerry, but he knew that his fan base is small, consisting of leftover baby-boomers who wanted to be hippies but their country club forbid long hair, and those lovable brainwashed liquor and pot fuelled drones that pass for college students these day, and he knew that Kerry couldn't win. That's why he used his innately obnoxious nature to polarize the country more than usual.

Not to create a Bush defeat, but a Bush victory.

He needs Bush to get his fan base riled up, or else he's have to give up his Park Avenue apartment, his summer place in the Hamptons, his tables in all the best restaurants, his invitations to Hollywood's hottest parties, and his private jet.

The self proclaimed champion of the working man needs his luxuries.

As much as he needs Bush.


Bush 2.2: What Does the Future Hold?

Time to look into my crystal ball to see what's coming up in the second Bush term.
  1. John Ashcroft will resign the post of Attorney General before the 2nd inauguration. And in a gesture of bipartisanship Dubya will offer the position to the Democratic Attorney General of New York Elliot Spitzer. This will mollify Congressional Dems, get the Republicans a law & order AG, and keep Spitzer from running for Governor of New York against Pataki.
  2. Donald Rumsfeld will also retire and be replaced by Condeleeza Rice as Secretary of Defence.
  3. Colin Powell will stay on as Secretary of State.
  4. Dick Cheney will retire in 2006 or 2007 and be replaced in the Veep position by Rudy Giuliani.
  5. Rising Louisiana Republican Bobby Jindal will get a cabinet position, first as a Deputy Secretary of Health and then will be promoted in 2006 to Secretary of Health or Education.
  6. Hillary Clinton will win the 2008 Democratic nomination and will name Barak Obama of Illinois as her Veep candidate. She'll narrowly beat out Elliot Spitzer by calling him a 'closet Republican' and mobilizing the George Soros/MoveOn/Michael Moore crowd against him.
  7. Hillary will be faced in the 2008 presidential election by the Republican Rudy Giuliani/Condeleeza Rice ticket.

Keep a note of this little piece. I have a scary tendency of always being right.

*insert eerie music*

Why-O Why-O Did we ever count Ohio...

Well, election day has come and gone with nary a legal challenge in sight. John Kerry conceded Ohio because despite what the tinfoil hat brigade in the Democratic Party say in their blogs, he still would have lost even if every one of the provisional ballots were for him.
And if John Kerry follows the pattern of his life he'll throw his fly to Paris to secretly meet with Republican reps, come back to toss his Democratic Party card over the fence of the White House and denounce his party before congress as 'war criminals' who acted like 'Jenjis Khan.'
Okay, I'm being silly, but you can't say it's not possible.


Some Reflections on a Holiday Past...

Last Sunday was Halloween. That annual celebration of ghouls, goblins, and geeks gones wild.
And with Halloween came the usual crop of Halloween related crap.
First several communities 'moved' Halloween from Sunday to Saturday or banned trick or treating completely because they didn't want 'the devil's holiday' happening on the Lord's Day.
Then there was a protest at an elementary school. Apparently the principal banned the annual Halloween costume party because he feared that it might offend Wiccans. 150+ students showed up in costume as an act of protest.
Good for you kids you know the real reason for Halloween.
It's not about the Devil.
It's not about Wiccans.
It's about CANDY you morons.
It's about DRESSING UP in something silly.
It's about GOING OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS to get candy or make mischief.
It's about FUN.
It's about being a FREAKING KID.
So leave the kids alone, and don't try to pin your adult prejudices and concerns on them. Kids have enough to worry about in this world and Halloween shouldn't be one them.
So here's a message to all those who interfere with Halloween:


Is the Democratic Party Racist?

It's beginning to look that way.

First you've got Democrat activists running willy-nilly all over the country and the media claiming that African Americans can't operate simple voting machines or find the correct address of their polling station.

Second you've got Al Gore begging African Americans not to riot if Bush wins, and John Edwards's bride stating that African Americans will run wild in the streets if the Republicans win. What strikes me as interesting that all the violence in this hotly contested election has been perpetrated by upper middle class MoveOn.Org drones who are almost entirely of the CAUCASIAN PERSUASION. But the Democratic party will assume that African Americans will be the cause of any election-related violence.


Then you have the NAACP (an organisation created and funded by Dubya's ancestors) and their chief race baiter Julian Bond making wild claims that another Bush term will mean a return of the Jim Crow Laws. A claim originally made by Al Gore in 2000. That assumes that America's African American voterswill believe that the President, who has a very positive race relations record, will purposely destroy America's democracy and economy and for no other reason that he's "evil." It makes no sense and assumes that African American voters are sheep.

Of course one should look at things that were created by Republicans, and things that were created by Democrats.


  1. The Emancipation Proclamation. Yep, it was good old Republicans that ended that little human atrocity called slavery, and even risked their own lives and economy to see it through in a little thing called THE CIVIL WAR.
  2. The NAACP. Was created by the same Christian Abolitionists that founded the Republican Party.
  3. The Only Viable African American Presidential Candidates. The first African American President will be from the Republican Party. Don't just write that off as Partisan BS. The Democrats run guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, old school race-baiters whose time passed a long time ago. Look at who are in the Republican Party, Colin Powell, one of the most respected men in America, and Condoleeza Rice, one of the biggest brains in government today. They weren't shunted off to some lame window dressing position like HUD, they were given key roles that define the USA's place in the world. White people admire them.


  1. The Klu Klux Klan. Yep, this group was started originally as a protest group targetting carpetbagger politicians by Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forest, who left the organisation when it became the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party. When the Democratic Party took it over, it became the virulent racist group we all know and loathe, and it was given the new task of suppressing black votes through violence and terrorism. Al Gore's from Tennesse, a old Klan stronghold, I wonder if his ancestors were members?
  2. Jim Crow Laws. Sadly a political compromise to resolve a contested election ended the promise of reconstruction, allowing Southern Democrats to form the Jim Crow Laws that kept the American South segregated and backward until the 1960's.

I think African American voters have only one choice this election. A choice to break from the Democrats who use them, abuse them, and take them for granted. It's time to take a stand and tell the Democrats: "Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining!" and to vote for someone who won't take them for granted and brand them with insulting stereotypes.

A Look In My Crystal Ball.

"I will fight Al Qaida like I fought the Viet Cong!"
That, more or less, was what John Forbes Kerry said in one of his more recent drone fests. All part of his desire to appear tough and decisive in the fields of foreign policy.

Well let's look into our crystal balls and see how that translates to today's situation.
First, he'll fight Al Qaida for four months, specifically sending troops on a secret & illegal Christmas Eve mission to Pakistan before he's even sworn in.

Then after four months, he'll scream he's got a few boo-boos, pulls American troops out or Iraq and Afghanistan and leaves the Presidency. (I know I sound petty, but the whole issue has become petty.)

He'll then go to Paris, where he'll secretly meet representatives of Al Qaida to discuss with them the terms of our surrender.
Then he'll come home, start a groupt called "Ex-President's Against War" with Jimmy Carter, throw his old Presidential veto stamp over the fence of the White House, and demand that all personnel of the US military be branded as War Criminals because Al Qaida told him they were.

Iraq will become an Islamist state, so will Spain and France plunging the European Union into civil war. The Taliban will regain control of Afghanistan. Usama Bin Ladin will dance a victory jig in Kabul, and promptly shoot himself for the sin of dancing.

Israel will say: "To hell with this" and start tossing out nukes like Halloween candy, leaving a large chunk of the Earth scorched and irradiated.

Kerry will retire to an estate in Idaho next door to political guru/profiteer George Soros, and head a campaign called "Americans for Sharia Law and Esperanto" that pledges to 'help America stop offending the Muslim world through total surrender.'

So that's how he'll do it.

Suddenly I feel a chill down my spine.

~Vox Poplar