After We Disarm America



Former Ambassador & Constitutional Expert


I'm Dan Simpson, and if you're not familiar with me I recently wrote an article for the Toledo Blade about how special squads of police could 'disarm America' in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Well, that's just the beginning.

Once we have those horrible drooling baby-killing psychopaths known as American gun-owners disarmed we can start a program to make America truly great.

I'm proposing that we cleanse America of gun owners.

You see, once our Special Squads, or SS for short, disarm the general public, they can begin rounding up gun owners and placing them in special places, like summer camps, where they can concentrate on the wrongness of gun ownership. I guess we can call them concentration camps for short.

Once in these concentration camps these evil gun-owners will have undergo a strenuous program of having filthy thoughts, like practicing their constitutional rights washed from their minds. I like to call this program brain-washing.

Now there will be some people who will resist this brain-washing. Claiming it violates their rights as a citizen in a democratic republic. They will have to be calmed down using some sort of special gas in a special gas chamber until their demands for freedom no longer annoy the state.

So you see folks, the way to save America is by following me and eliminating all those pesky things you gun owning psychopaths call 'rights.'

Doesn't it sound so reasonable?

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