There's Some Scary People Out There.


Spouse of Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards

My fellow Americans.

I'm here to tell you about a group of people that are the root of all that is evil in the world.

Dangerous people whose very existence threatens the existence of everyone on this planet.

I'm not talking about Iran, who is merely developing nuclear power for peaceful means.

Nor am I talking about the practitioners of the Religion of Peace, like Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

I'm talking about really scary people.

I'm talking about Rednecks.

Yes Rednecks.

People whose small businesses where they work very hard at can be seen from the window of my personal spa, completely harshing the mellow of Tran-Li, my personal masseuse and Gaston my personal aromatherapist.

People who don't have the common decency to spend millions of dollars in property upgrades to fit the atmosphere set by the multi-million dollar mansion next door.

People who think they can do whatever they like on their own property, no matter what the United Nations may think about it.

And the most scary thing of all....

People who aren't afraid to voice their support for a right wing extremist like Rudy Giuliani.

That's more terrifying than an international jihadist movement any day.

Now I've never actually met the neighbor who so embodies these elements of pure terror. But I don't have to, I already know what kind of evil he'd produce, if there really was such a thing as evil.

I choose to judge his book by his cover.

My husband likes to say that there are two Americas, well, I would like to add that we should do everything to keep that other America away from decent liberal and progressive millionaires like me and my family.

I bet that man's also a Christian.

That sort of thing gives me nightmares.

So be afraid America.

Be very afraid.

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