Predictions From A Terrible Tragedy...

There's been a terrible mass shooting at Virginia Tech and reports put the death toll at somewhere around 30+ people including the shooter. Now is not exactly a topic suitable for the sort of humor I specialize in, but I do have some predictions.

1. Rosie O'Donnell/Huffington Post/Bill Maher/MSM will somehow blame this tragedy on the Bush administration. Rosie will also claim it as some sort of personal attack on herself.

2. There will be calls for taking guns away from law abiding people, making sure that only scrotes like the shooter in this case can have them.

3. There will be attempts by the press to uncover the motives of the (as of this writing) unidentified shooter, unless he turns out to be a Muslim, then his identity and motivations will be rapidly forgotten.

4. If the shooter turns out to be a Christian, the MSM will cite his religion as his motive.

5. I predict that Democrats will try to make some political capital off the bodies of the victims.

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