We Just Keep Losing


(D-Never Admit Victory)

The following was taken from a speech given by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at a fund-raiser for Crush America's Spirit, Hope & Integrity Now (CASH-IN) at the Guernica Room in the Generalissimo Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas.

REID-My fellow Demcorats and the rest of you fascist scumbags.

It has come to my attention that the city of Philadelphia has had over 100 murders so far this year.

We have lost Philadelphia and must abandon it immediately.

We have also lost New Orleans, Detroit, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

They must be abandoned to anarchy, death and violence, as well.

The actions of the municipal governments of these places have made it obvious that victory is impossible. They are doomed to failure because the people who run these cities are corrupt, incompetent, and cannot in any way deal with crime and violence.

That's why we must pull out, and pull out now.

America is defeated and hopefully shall never rise again.

SCHUMER- Great speech, but all those cities are run by Democrats.

REID- Forget what I just said.

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I'm still looking for Chucky's Weiner. Have you seen it?